Autopilot System: $1299


Never Miss a Deal is offering their comma 3X Autopilot System during their Flash Sale for $1299 (10% Off | Reg. $1450). Free shipping.



  • The comma 3X is custom hardware designed to live in your car, and purpose built to run openpilot. The comma 3X has three beautiful HDR cameras, two cameras to watch the road and one night-vision camera to see inside the car.
  • Besides cameras, the comma 3X has a suite of connectivity and sensors including cellular LTE, Wi-Fi, an IMU, high-precision GPS, and microphones.

About openpilot

  • openpilot is an open source advanced driver assistance system that works on 275+ car models of Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, and many other brands.
  • Automated Lane Centering
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Driver Monitoring (no wheel nags)
  • can drive for hours without intervention
  • open source and developed on GitHub

comma 3X is compatible with 275+ cars

  • A supported vehicle is one that just works when you install a comma device. All supported cars provide a better experience than any stock system.


  • Includes 30-day money-back trial
  • 1-year hardware warranty w/ purchase

Reviews for the Comma3 via ChatGPT

  • The Comma3 system has received generally positive reviews for its advanced autonomous driving capabilities, but there are some nuances to consider.
  • Pros:
    • Enhanced Driving Experience: Many users appreciate the improved driving experience with the Comma3, highlighting its smooth steering and ability to handle curves and highway driving effectively. It offers significant improvements over its predecessor, Comma2, making it a worthy upgrade for those seeking advanced autonomous features​ (Toolify)​​ (The Drive)​.
    • Installation and Compatibility: The installation process is relatively straightforward, taking between 30 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the vehicle and technical expertise. The system is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, making it accessible to many drivers​ (Toolify)​​ (The Drive)​.
    • Open Source Community: One of the notable strengths of the Comma3 system is its open-source nature, which allows for community-driven enhancements and support. Users can interact with a vibrant community for troubleshooting and modifications, enhancing the overall experience​ (The Drive)​.
  • Cons:
    • Experimental Mode Quirks: The experimental mode, which allows for handling stop signs and red lights, has been reported to have some quirks and occasional disengagements. This can be a concern for those relying heavily on these features for daily driving​ (Toolify)​​ (Reddit)​.
    • Vehicle-Specific Limitations: Certain vehicles, such as the 2024 Toyota RAV4 Prime, have reported compatibility issues with some of the advanced features, particularly in experimental mode. This can limit the full potential of the system for these specific models​ (Reddit)​.
    • Price Consideration: The Comma3 system is priced at around $1,500, which may be steep for some users. It’s important to weigh this cost against the convenience and advanced features it provides​ (Toolify)​​ (The Drive)​.
    • Overall, the Comma3 system is well-regarded for enhancing the driving experience with advanced autonomous capabilities. However, potential buyers should consider the specific compatibility with their vehicle and the quirks associated with its experimental mode.
Posted: July 5, 2024 at 10:53 am