Amazon Prime Video Credit: Free $25


Never Miss a Deal

Amazon Fire Stick & TV is offering Free $5 Amazon Video Credit when you Watch a Coca-Cola and Marvel Video Ad + up to $20 Additional Amazon Credits. See below.

Follow the directions

  • Navigate to the Ad:
    • After pressing the Home button on your Fire Stick or Fire TV remote, look for a rotating carousel of ads at the top of the screen.
    • You might also see banner ads about two rows down or when your device enters screensaver mode after being idle for a few minutes.
  • Watch the Ad:
    • The ad will feature Coca-Cola and Marvel. Watch it for a brief moment.
  • Receive Your Credit:
    • After watching the ad, you should receive a confirmation message on-screen and/or via email. The $5 credit will be applied to your Amazon Prime Video account, valid until July 30th.

Additional Amazon Credits via Ads

  • $6 Amazon Credit: Pluto TV (expires July 29)
  • $5 Amazon Credit: PNC Bank (expires July 30)
  • $3 Amazon Credit: Texas (expires September 30)
  • $3 or $6 Amazon Credit: Live TV
  • $3 Amazon Credit: Hershey’s S’mores

Tips for Findings Ads:

  • Top Carousel Ads: After hitting the Home button, these ads rotate at the top of the screen.
  • Banner Ads: Found about two rows down from the top. If you don’t see them immediately, try toggling to “Live” and back to “Home” to refresh the ads.
  • Screensaver Mode: Ads appear when your device is idle for about five minutes.


  • Check Your Settings: Ensure your device settings allow for ads. Some users have found that turning off auto-play video ads under settings helped the ads to show up.
  • Reset Ad ID: Resetting your ad ID in the settings menu may also help if you’re in a “rewards credit dry spell.”
Posted: June 17, 2024 at 3:57 am