Roborock Q7 Max Robot Vac & Mop: $330


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Update: This popular deal is still available.

Roborock via Walmart has Roborock Q7 Max Robot Vacuum & Mop Cleaner (White) on sale for $329.99 ($270 Off)Free shipping.


About this Item:

  • Serious Suction Power
  • Drag away dirt hiding in your carpets and lift off debris hiding in floorboard cracks with a maximum suction power of 4200Pa*.
  • Twin Cleaning Power
  • Vacuum and mop simultaneously to capture fine dirt that vacuuming alone might miss. Equipped with an electronic pump, the Q7 Max offers 30 water flow levels so you can fine-tune cleaning to match your floor types and preferences.
  • Maximum Mopping Range – 2583 sqft*
  • Consistent Mop Pressure – 300g
  • Electronic Mopping – 30 Water Flow Levels
Posted: December 20, 2023 at 5:30 am