Home Depot: 540-sq.ft. Tiny Home: $43832


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Home Depot has 540 sq. ft. 1 Bed Tiny Homes on sale for $43832.


  • Pre-assembled steel panels facilitate hassle-free installation
  • Made of high-quality steel to ensure durable use
  • Termite and shrink-proof for easy maintenance
  • PLUS 1 introduces our Getaway Pad steel frame home kit, architecturally designed to provide extra-space outside of your home for personal use. This framing kit is designed for easy assembly on your own concrete slab.This Getaway Pad home kit by PLUS 1 Homes includes ONLY the steel structure and the necessary components to assemble them.The Home Depot offers most finishings you’ll need to complete your personal space such as doors, windows, electrical, plumbing and finishes.The Getaway Pad home kit has allowances in the steel frame structure design for all elements required, offering 620 sq. ft. of total open inside area allowing you to utilize the space the way you desire.

Reported by The Sun:

Home Depot is selling an incredible two-story tiny home building kit that could save you hundreds of thousands on an expensive mortgage.
For just $44,000, shoppers can get a preassembled 540-square-foot steel frame that can be transformed into a sustainable and affordable tiny house.
Home Depot wrote in the description that this is only the steel kit to support the property but clarified that everything you need to finish the house can be bought at their stores.
The kit is made from high-quality steel that can be delivered straight to the spot where you want to put up the tiny abode.
While Home Depot recommends it is used as a guest house or cabin, the tiny structure could easily be the minimalist’s forever home.
A mockup design posted on the retailer’s website shows an incredibly modern home complete with an outdoor spiral staircase and a rooftop patio area.

Posted: June 1, 2023 at 1:30 pm