Population: One (Oculus VR Game): Free


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Oculus has Population: One (Oculus Quest VR Game) for Free (Reg. $30).


About this game:

  • The number #1 VR Battle Royale is now free.
  • Get Population One Today and Get 300 In-Game Gold.*
  • Featuring brand new updates including:
    • Graphics Update (real-time shadows and more)
    • Map Updates
    • New Gameplay Balance Changes
    • New Single Player mode with in-game rewards
    • Rocket Launcher Sandbox Support
    • Sandbox Maps entering the Squads Evolving map queue
    • The return of the Original Battle Royale map queue
  • Join your squad in a wide variety of rotating competitive PvP and PvE modes including:
    • Battle Royale
    • Sandbox: UGC Games (Custom maps and rules)
    • Team Deathmatch with customizable loadouts
    • War mode (12v12)
    • Legions mode (6v6v6v6)
    • Metro Arena (3v3v3v3)
    • Single Player Mode
    • Co-Op Bot Battle
    • Training Park Practice and Social Hub
    • Climb, Fly, Build. Population: One is a multiplayer, First Person Shooter only possible in VR.

Note: Limited time offer. Offer subject to restrictions and change without notice.

Posted: March 10, 2023 at 1:43 am