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Animal Kingdom via Swagbucks is offering $55 Amazon or PayPal Gift Card when you Install and Play Animal Kingdom & Reach Level 68.


  1. Click the link to Login/Sign Up for Swagbucks
  2. Install & Play Animal Kingdom
    Note: For iOS devices, must allow tracking in order to be earn SB
  3. Reach level 68 within 12 days, Get $55 (5,500 SB)
  4. Redeem your 5,500 SB for a Amazon or PayPal gift card

How to Reach Level 68 within 12 Days #1 via Reddit

It’s quite easy, but if you make some early mistakes and not recognize the game patterns in time, you’ll run of time.

My offer is lvl 70 in 14 days, I finished on day 13, but could’ve done it 11 if I had noticed the patterns sooner.

Forget 50 energy cap refilling day to day, that won’t get you nowhere, along with purchase packs.

It’s all about events, tournaments and owl sammy. The tips would be:

  1. Owl sammy comes occasionally either as event or rewards for something. There is 0 luck involved in the game. In the beginning I was pulling my luck and lost on maybe 500+ energy. Usually, snake is under one cup, after 5 successes, there won’t be a snake. Needless to say, you’ll draw snake on 3rd or 4th draw 100% of the time. Fortunately you’ll be able to play an add or pay some small amount of purple gems (100-400) to continue playing. I typically withdraw after 5th draw, but there were times I was successfull on the sixth one. If you draw snake again, price won’t be worth it. Note that gem rush event charges 20 for one Sammy round, afterwards 1500 for another. The 1500 is always worths as it brings ton of energy regardless of the draw, so don’t waste gems on the first Sammy.
  2. Tournaments – there are two kinds, one that last for about 6 hours and pay 500, 250 and 100 energy for fist two spots. If you cannot make it to top 3, it’s worthless participating. The longer tournaments pay more. Both types also reward tons of coins and energy as you progress the rankings. The only strategy with tournaments is not to start when times is going to expire (i.e in 1 hour) or if you don’t have enough energy to climb to top 3, you typically 1-2k energy to do this.
  3. Events – Every 48 hours there’s an event which rewards points based on your steals, attack and event rolls. They fill more as you pick a reward, there is typically coin or gem reward and then energy. The trick here is to carefully estimate when to stop playing. For example, you started with 1k energy, played and won 1k from the event, now the bar is offering 240M coins for 1500 points, and you have i.e 1800 energy. You will barely make those 240M with those coins and when new event starts after 48 hours, you’ll likely start with 100-200 energy. However, if you stopped playing the game at 1800 and started playing when new event kicks in, with 1800 energy, you will very easily end that event with 3k in your pocket for the next event. At one point I was rolling 5k energy at the start of the event.
  4. Pinata and card collections are great ways to give you desperation energy when you need it. It is worth sometimes buying card chests instead of building. Always finish an island if you can, because you get payed more depending on the level for your rolls.
  5. Don’t roll high. I found that rolling 5 at the time is optimal, I noticed that by rolling 10 you do not get paid twice as much on average, the play will take longer, specially when you have 2-3k energy, but be patient.

How to Reach Level 68 within 12 Days #2 via Reddit

keep checking back every few hours for free plays of jackpot sammy (I call him jackpot scammy). . . just don’t take too much risk on him or you’ll keep losing out! I tend to get about 160-200 free energy each time I do jackpot sammy, and if you catch it enough you can sometimes get 3-4 free plays a day. There’s also a little coin flip minigame they sometimes offer for free but it’s more rare. I can get 300 or so energy on that one

Try to do at least 5-10 energy bets or it will take a very long time. Tournaments are worth trying to win if you have the spare energy to attempt a top placing. The race type tournaments don’t offer as much energy as the other type. I usually don’t try very hard unless the top prize is 2.5k energy

Buy card chests in the shop with your coins often. the finished card collections give a lot of gems and energy. I’m actually still playing the game casually a few weeks after I finished the offer and I’m at like level 127 or so now

make sure to do the pinata minigame as well when you land on the bats

Posted: March 15, 2023 at 2:44 am