Coinbase: Free $3 KAVA Crypto


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Coinbase is offering select Coinbase Members: $3 in KAVA Cryptocurrency for Free when you login to your account and start the course/tutorial provided and answer (3) questions correctly.


Some Q&A may include:

  • (Earn $1)
    • How does KAVA Rise fuel protocol growth on the KAVA network?
      • Through a combination of onchain incentives and offchain developer resources
  • (Earn $1)
    • What are the 3 main steps to start earning rewards through KAVA Rise?
      • Launch, grow and earn
  • (Earn $1)
    • How do KAVA token holder help fuel growth on the network?
      • By staking their KAVA to vote on KavaDAO proposals that control the network’s resources

Note: Offer is valid for qualifying Coinbase members; login to check if you qualify/have offer. Account must verify ID to be eligible to complete quiz offer


  • Kava is a decentralized blockchain that is optimized for protocol growth
  • Offer may not be available to all Coinbase users and customers may only earn once per quiz
  • You must be verified on Coinbase to be eligible and complete the quiz to earn
  • Coinbase is a Cryptocurrency provider/broker [Free to Join]
  • Offer is limited while supplies last and amount offered for each quiz may vary
Posted: January 21, 2023 at 4:32 am