Coinbase: Free $3 HOPR Crypto w/ Quiz


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Coinbase is offering select Coinbase Members: $3 in HOPR Cryptocurrency for Free when you login to your account and start the course/tutorial provided and answer (3) questions/quiz.


You will receive $1 (in the form of HOPR cryptocurrency) for each answer you receive correct automatically added to your account. You will also receive an email to confirm this.

Some Q&A may include:

  • (Earn $1)
    • What function of the HOPR protocol’s messaging layer is known as “hopping”?
      • Routing data through multiple nodes to protect the privacy of the sender and receiver
  • (Earn $1)
    • How can token holders earn HOPR NFTs to boost their staking rewards?
      • By participating in HOPR’s testing, governance and promotional activities
  • (Earn $1)
    • What does HOPR envision for the future?
      • Expanding its use case across various industries and creating a DAO


  • The HOPR network is a data-privacy solution that protects you when interacting with dapps.
  • May not be available to all Coinbase users and customers may only earn once per quiz
  • You must be verified on Coinbase to be eligible and complete the quiz to earn
Posted: August 8, 2022 at 3:29 am