$70.50 Amazon Gift Card: $0


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Update: The payout of this offer has increased to $70.50 (previously $40.50).

Bingo Blitz via Swagbucks is offering $70.50 Amazon Gift Card for $0 when you Play the Game: Bingo Blitz and Reach Level 70. Follow the directions below.


  • Click the link to Login/Sign Up for Swagbucks
  • Install Bingo Blitz App & Get $0.50 (50 SB)
  • Play & Reach level 70 within 7 days of install, Get $70 (7,000 SB)
  • Your Swagbucks account will be credited 4,050 SB within 14 days
  • Redeem your 7,050 SB for $70.50 Amazon or PayPal gift card

Guide to Reach Level 70 on Bingo Blitz via Reddit

Got to be one of the quickest offers I have completed without putting any cash down.

In it’s current state, I reckon this offers reward will get nerfed and/or the difficulty will be raised. So don’t hesitate to go for it.

The Guide

Before I go into detail of how to complete the challenge, it’s worth letting you know how long it took to complete this.

So, I started AND completed this in a day! I would say, 3-4 sessions, maybe 3 hours at a time. You may even get it done quicker as I managed to get to level 20 without signing up to Bingo Blitz + (more below).

Levels: So you gotta get to level 70. It’s not hard to keep track of your level progression but I have attached a photo to this post with an arrow pointing to your level display on the map, just in case you weren’t sure. You level up by playing bingo games and gaining experience.

Experience: Gained from bingo games and by playing the monkey mini game inbetween rounds of bingo (only found at each city (Athens, London etc). The bar around your profile pic keeps track of how close you are to a level.

Bingo Blitz +: So, big, big tip! Sign up to Bingo Blitz + as soon as you finish the tutorial. See photo above for details and how to cancel. You will need to sign up using a payment method but the first month is free. Make sure after you complete the challenge, to cancel the free trial, otherwise it’ll cost you best part of £14. Signing up will make this challenge a doddle!

What signing up to Blitz + does, is give you loads of bingo tokens to play with and access to certain benefits you don’t get if you play without it. I firmly believe that this challenge can be done in say, 8 hours or less, if using blitz + from the start!

Boosting: See picture 5.

You’ll see that I have circled the boost options. Make sure you boost as high as you can afford to, each time. When you level up, this will unlock higher levels of boosts. What this means is you can play more bingo cards per game at a higher price for a much bigger win. The last one you’ll unlock, within the context of this challenge, is at level 40, hence why the last one in the picture is locked. (It unlocks at level 80)

Diamonds: You get diamonds from playing bingo rounds.

Currently, there is a scratch card mini game which allows you to turn these diamonds into bingo tokens. This was how I managed to replenish my tokens and keep playing.

It does look like though, that it is a timed event, so I’d imagine there will be different events coming and going. Might need to consider this before doing the challenge as who knows how good/bad these events may be….

Balloon: The last photo is where you can find the premium games for players signed up to Bingo Blitz +. These rooms allow the biggest rewards but do cost the most tokens.

Playing tips: A couple of reddit posts I’ve seen about this game and the comments within, point to a specific way of playing. You’ll find what works for you, but tbh, don’t worry to much about a “gameplan” etc. Just bet the highest amount of tokens you can afford, keep on daubing each number as you see it and playing each power up as they become available.

I won’t go much more into this one. You won’t need 2 days, let alone 7, as long as you dedicate 2-3 hours (maybe a lil more) of play time at a time and sign up to Bingo Blitz +.

Posted: August 2, 2022 at 5:50 pm