2x Digiorno Pizza + 2x Haagen-Dazs + More: $12


Walgreens offers Buy One Get One Free on DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza and Haagen-Daas Ice Cream when you login to your myWalgreens account (free to register) and follow the instructions below. Choose free store pickup where stock permits.


  1. Log in or Register for a myWalgreens account (coupons are typically limited to one per account).
  2. Add a quantity of 2x of DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza to the cart:
  3. Add a quantity of 2x of Haagen-Daas Ice Cream to the cart:
  4. Select Free Store Pickup
  5. Buy One, Get One Free discount will apply automatically at checkout
  6. Apply promo code FAST10 for an additional discount
  7. The price will be 4 items (2x Pizza + 2x Ice Cream) for $12.08 after discount
    • Note: You may omit the ice cream from the order and get 4 pizzas for $12.58.

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Posted: November 22, 2021 at 12:00 am