Walmart: $10 Off $50 Coupon


PayPal is Offering Select PayPal Accounts$10 Off Your Next Purchase of $50 or More at w/ PayPal Checkout (must select as payment method) after you load the offer to your account or when following the instructions listed below.


  1. Login/signup to PayPal and go to the PayPal Offers page and
  2. On the large banner under “Deals and offers”, use the side-scrolling arrow button on the right side of the banner to browse through your available deals. Look for the Walmart offer for “Get $10 Off Your Next $50+ Purchase when you pay with PayPal
  3. Click Save Offer
  4. Go to your PayPal Wallet and confirm the “Walmart $10″ offer shows in the Offers section of the sidebar
  5. Proceed to shop at Walmart Website with items of $50 or more
  6. At checkout, proceed to pay with your PayPal payment only
    • You must select PayPal as payment method and will require to click edit then + More if PayPal is not default payment method)
  7. You’ll receive an email via PayPal regarding your order and the discount applied to your order
    • Note, order will show up in your PayPal summary page but the discount may not be shown correctly on Walmart Payment page
  • Get a Free 5000 BUY ($5) when you sign up.
  • Get 5000 BUY ($5) when someone you refer signs up.
  • Earn commission when referrals purchase offers through your shares.
  • Exchange your BUY for Bitcoin or Amazon gift cards
Posted: September 6, 2021 at 12:21 pm