1-Year VPN + $45 Amazon Gift Card: $40

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Swagbucks.com is offering 1-Year Private Internet Access VPN + $45 Amazon or PayPal Gift Cards on sale for $40 ($5 Moneymaker).

Follow the directions below.

  1. Click the link to Sign Up for Swagbucks and claim deal
    • Returning users login first, then click the link to claim deal
  2. Select the 1-year plan ($39.95) and checkout
  3. New users: Check email to verify and create a password for Swagbucks
  4. Your Swagbucks account will be credited 4,500 SB within 32 days
  5. Redeem your 4,500 SB for $45 worth of Amazon or PayPal gift cards

Posted: February 11, 2021 at 10:00 am
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