Fender Tune Guitar App: Free


Apple App Store has Fender Tune Guitar App w/ Access to Tune Plus (iOS) for Free.

Google Play has Fender Tune Guitar App w/ Access to Tune Plus (Android) for Free.


  • Auto-Tune Mode
  • Manual Tune Mode
  • Chromatic Mode
  • Preset Tunings: 26 tunings available, including: Standard (EADGBE), Open G, Drop D, Open D and Drop C.
  • Create your own custom tunings and save to your Fender Connect personal profile for easy access.
  • Tune Plus includes:
    • 5000 Interactive Guitar Chords: Get chord diagrams and finger placement for every chord variation in any position
    • 2000 Interactive Guitar Scales: Find scale diagrams and patterns for any variation, flavor and key – anywhere on the fretboard.
    • Drum Tracks & Metronome: Choose from 65 unique one-touch, pre-programmed drum rhythms across 7 genres (Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Funk/R&B, Country/Folk and World) including: 90s Rock, Chicago Bounce, Kingston Groove and many more. Select your tempo and customize your time signature to practice with any rhythm
      • Also features standard metronome mode to help you stay in time.
    • Pro Tuner: Tune your guitar, bass or ukulele with greater visual precision and flexibility
      • Choose from 40 different non-standard tuning references from A=420Hz to A=460Hz
    • Tuning Tips: 8 tutorial videos teach you the basics of tuning your instrument
Posted: January 3, 2021 at 12:44 am

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