Pokemon Go: 100x Balls/30x Incense: 1 Coin


Pokemon Go Live is offering select Pokemon Go: In-Store Game Bundle Purchases100x Poke Balls or 30x Incense in exchange for 1 PokeCoin. Deal ends 3/30/2020 at 1pm PST.

Purchase items via PokemonGo store through the PokemonGo app (iOS or Android)

  • Poke Balls In-Game Bundle 1 PokeCoin
    • Includes
      • 100x Poke Balls (standard Poke Balls used to catch wild Pokemon)
  • Incense In-Game Bundle 1 PokeCoin
    • Includes
      • 30x Incense (a mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes)

Note: 1 PokeCoin is roughly equivalent to 1 penny or 10 minutes in a gym (which you can earn in-game by defeating & taking it over). New 1 PokeCoin bundles will be available in the shop each week as one-time purchases only. Offer valid through March 30, 2020 or while promotion last.

Posted: March 24, 2020 at 7:59 am
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