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Samples may include

  • 1.25oz. Wickedly Prime Soft Shell Almonds (Dry Roasted & Salted)
  • 1.8oz. Planters P3 Portable Protein Pack
  • 1.25oz. Emerald Cashews (Sea Salt & Pepper)
  • 1.25oz. Off the Eaten Path Veggie Crisps
  • 1oz. Popcorners Carnival Kettle (Popped Corn Chips)
  • 1oz. Kettle Potato Chips Cooked in 100% Avocado Oil (Chili Lime)
  • 1-Bar Init Nut & Fruit Bar
  • 3oz. Nut Harvest Nut & Fruit Mix
  • 1.25oz. Off the Eaten Path (Hummus Crisps)
  • 0.75oz. Wickedly Prime Pea Crisps
  • 1.5oz. Emerald Salty Sweet Chocolate Peanut Butter Mixed Nuts


Posted: August 10, 2017 at 1:26 pm
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